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RE: Building code for Oakland, CA

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As with all of California, the 1998 California Building Code, based on and
closely following the 1997 UBC (except for schools, hospitals and a few
other important facilites), is the building code.  Although local
jurisdictions can modify the CBC under limited circumstances, you will not
find many significant changes.

Wind speed is dependent on location and exposure is significant as there are
unprotected hills.  You need to have good topographic information.

Ice is generally not a consideration as the temperatures are quite moderate.
We do get an occasional freeze, but not usually for any lengthy period.

And we don't usually have to consider CHADS in our designs!  :<)

Bill Cain
Oakland CA

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Subject:	Building code for Oakland, CA

> I need to find out the 
> 1. prevailing building codes
> 2. required wind speed and 
> 3. whether Ice loading is considered in structural analysis of monopole
> communication towers in Oakland (Alameda County), CA 
> Thanks
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