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RE: Structural Stud/Joist Designations

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For Southern Calif. I do not know of any larger roll formers who are not
SSMA members.  SSMA NAHB and others have pushed very hard to get everyone
into the same boat and then to row in the same direction.  I think it has
worked.  For info. call August Sisco at SSMA Headquarters 312-456-5590 or
Neal Peterson Technical Services at 541-757-8991.  Web site is SSMA.COM.


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Thanks, George. While I appreciate the information from others here (it
out that it WAS Unimast), you actually answered the question that I really

That is what I wanted to know.

BTW, are all the "proprietary" standards going to fold into the SSMA
as far as you know?

"George Richards, P.E." wrote:
> Bill: 362CSJ18 is a designator for a particular (lets use that word
> proprietary) manufacturer, see Roland's Post.  If you are doing new work
> SSMA's catalogue listings.  SSMA is a joining of two older trade groups
> over twenty roll former members.  Consider SSMA authoritative.