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Re: Question on wood Roof Trusses

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Can I venture a guess, and see if I'm right?

The truss manufacturers are simply looking to save money, that's all.

They have somehow justified to themselves that the joists are part of the
"primary framing" (or "Main Wind Force Resisting System" to use the ASCE 7
terminology) rather than an "element/component" (or "Components and Cladding"
per ASCE).

I, too, think they are wrong, and I would simply specify on the drawings or
specs that the joists are to be so designed, and fix the problem once and for

Monty Hart wrote:
> While we are discussing roof trusses.  Can someone tell me why the truss
> manufacturers use the "Primary frames and systems" Wind Pressure Coefficients (Cq
> in the '97 UBC Table 16-H), instead of the "Elements and Components"
> coefficients.