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Re: Question on wood Roof Trusses

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Rich Burch wrote:

>>Maybe everyone else already knows this, but I didn't realize it for
years. The engineer employed by the truss manufacturer who stamps those
8.5 x 11 sheets never lays eyes on your construction documents. The
computer analysis is done by someone called a "truss designer" employed
by the local truss fabricator. He inputs the geometry and loading based
on what he sees on the drawings. Then the sheets are shipped off to
Minnesota or Iowa or Nebraska or somewhere where they are stamped by an
engineer who works for the truss plate manufacturer. 

I discovered this when I started seeing some things on these sheets that
obviously could not have been done by an engineer and started asking
some questions. One example: girder trusses that were designed for the
same load as a typical truss (i.e., designed for only a 2 foot strip of
roof load).<<

And if you go to a presentation by the Wood Truss Council or the TPI and ask, 
they will tell you that the engineer who stamps the drawings doesn't have 
time to look at them --- the computer program that they use is so 
sophisticated that nothing c-c-c-c-can go go go wrong wrong wrong wrong right.

Exudes confidence, doesn't it?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona