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RE: Light Gage Steel Framing: The Obvious Next Question

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Roger' what are you designing this late at night?  Then I may be able to
direct you.


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Subject: Light Gage Steel Framing: The Obvious Next Question

Well, now that I'm oriented as to section designations and what they mean,
next question (obviously) is "What is the latest design standard for light
gage"? "What is the methodology used currently"?

I am assuming that I would need the AISI design standard, but I don't have
right now (okay, I MIGHT be persuaded to drive down to Brown Bookstore in
Houston to pick one up, but since we've already had that discussion about
hundred here and two hundred there, pretty soon we're talkin' real money!"
it is
obvious that I will resist that until absolutely necessary). My structural
design software will design-check these members for me. I can probably wing
with that and the design tables that the various manufacturers have been so
gracious to provide.

But may I use LRFD (since I've already got a steel model loaded up that
way)? Or
must I descend to the depths of "service loads" once again?

Any help you all could toss my way would be GREATLY appreciated!