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RE: Question on wood Roof Trusses

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I've been following this thread with interest since I'm having problems with
my new house that I'm sure are related to the truss design and/or
installation.  So far, I've just examined the drawings and calcs from the
truss manufacturer and have not gone up in the attic to inspect anything.  

I won't bore anyone with details since my "investigation" is just starting,
but what I noticed with the documents from the manufacturer is that they are
nearly useless.  Of the 18 or so different trusses used in my house, only
two have any member forces listed.  The others consist of the truss
geometry, loading (DL and LL), and the engineer's stamp.  That's it.  There
are copious CYA notes regarding bracing the compression members, but which
ones are those?  I can figure out which ones are, but how many framing crews

Jack Creviston, EIT