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Re: Strength of Non-Compact HSS

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Nominal moment strength equations specifically for round and rectangular
HSS sections can be found in Section 5.1 of the AISC HSS Specification
(1997).   The equations given for round and rectangular HSS are different,
based on reduced cross-sections, and do not match LRFD Specification
Appendix F.  The HSS Specification is bound in the HSS Manual (1997).

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA


"Jones, Mark A (Battle Creek)" <Mark.A.Jones(--nospam--at)> on 01/16/2001
07:58:57 AM

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Subject:  Strength of Non-Compact HSS

What is the formula for reducing the strength of non-compact HSS?

LRFD, pg4-8 gives the formula
 phi.b Mn = phi.b Mp - phi.b(Mp-Mr)[(Lb-Lp)/(Lr-Lp)].
But the section says that this is for I or C rolled shapes only.

LRFD, App. F, pg 6-11 gives (substituting l for lambda)
Mn = Cb[Mp - (Mp-Mr)[(l-lp)/(lr-lp)]

Can I use the second formula for any shape?

Mark Jones
Jacobs Engineering

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