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Okay, I'll go first.

Here in the U.S.A., you are an legally an "engineer" ONLY if you are LICENSED to
practice engineering. That is, not only do you have to get the engineering
degree, but you have to have a certain amount of qualifying experience, and pass
a written examination, in order to be a full-fledged, LICENSED engineer. Each of
the fifty states and territories has its own licensing procedure (though with
few exceptions they are pretty much standard).

So an "engineer of record" is the engineer who takes legal, ethical and moral
responsibility for the design or other engineering data shown on drawings,
specifications or reports, for a project.

The "Engineer of Record" SEALS and SIGNS the drawings, specifications or
reports. They are, literally, "responsible" for what goes out under their name.
If a mistake is made, even if it was done by someone else working UNDER the EOR,
it is STILL the EOR's responsibility. His or her NAME and SEAL are on the
documents, and that makes him or her "Engineer of Record" (EOR).

Here in Texas, if you screw up a bridge, they take your career out and shoot it.
That's the consequence to failing in your responsibility, btw.

Luis Zapata wrote:
> Being this list an international one some of us foreing enginners do not
> follow some denominations you use frecuently, may  any of you be so kind to
> explain us what means EOR, Engineer of Records, a what he(she) does?
> Thanks,