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In the U.S., there is always one individual who is ultimately responsible
for a project.  The person who seals and signs the drawings is the EOR, or
engineer of record.  No matter how many people may have worked on or
contributed to a project within a design office, our laws are such that one
person must be solely responsible for the final product.  By signing and
sealing the drawings, the EOR indicates that they have personally supervised
and controlled the project, and that they personally take full
responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, and suitability of the
structural design and construction documents.

Paul Feather
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> Being this list an international one some of us foreing enginners do not
> follow some denominations you use frecuently, may  any of you be so kind
> explain us what means EOR, Engineer of Records, a what he(she) does?
> Thanks,
> L. Zapata, Lima, Peru