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Re: 1951 Steel Roof Trusses

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We've seen several threads about this subject lately.  I can't
provide any loading for you, but a suggestion.  Buy a set of
calipers, get on a ladder, and measure up the angle and web sizes.
A simple calc. can then give you approx. allowable loads.
You will need to guess at the grade of steel.  However, this may
be more comforting to you than relying on a reply from some engineer
that you don't know from somewhere half way around the world.

Not that there aren't some excellent engineers on this list. :)

Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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Subject: Re: 1951 Steel Roof Trusses

> Hello everyone,
> This may have been asked before, but I have the following dilemma.  We are
> modernizing several buildings of a 1951 school in the San Francisco area
> and the roof members are constructed with steel trusses.  I have contacted
> several manufactures about the truss properties, but I'm have no luck.
>  Therefore, if someone can direct me to a piece of literature or if
> might have the properties associated with the followings truss
> designations, it would be greatly appreciated.
> The truss designations on the drawings are as follows:
> #248
> #116-216
> #166-219
> #165-235
> Jeff Williams, S.E.
> PARADIGM Structural Engineers