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email site

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Check your e-mail program and see if there is something in there that says:  
"Reply to:".  If "From" is checked, your reponses will go to the originator, 
not the list service.  If "Reply-to:" is checked, your eloquent responses 
will go to all via the list service.

Then again, it might be AOL <G>.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gary wrote:

>>When I send email responding to things I see on seaint(--nospam--at), it 
doen't get there.  The response goes to the individual, but not the site.  
I've been sharing all kinds of wisdom with my fellows, except the don't see 
it.  Even mail direct to the address itself doesn't go through.  Is it me, 
you, AOL, my MAC or the stars?  Is it for SEAOSC only?  I'm SEAONC.<<