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RE: 1951 Steel Roof Trusses

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Davis, the trusses are open web steel trusses/joists with double angle top 
and bottom chords.  The webs members are either angles or rods.  We were 
not able to visual see any of the trusses during our visit to the site due 
to existing "hard" ceilings.  This information was taken from the existing 
architectural and structural drawings.

Any info. that you can provide would be great.

What company is "CECO" ?


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If your trusses are open web steel joists, then I have an old CECO joist 
which has load tables for a 248 and 166  joist designation. CECO short span
joists had double angle top chords with rod bottom chords.  CECO long span
joists had topand bottom chords
that looked like Cees turned sideways.

Can you provide a description of these trusses?

Jeff Williams wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> This may have been asked before, but I have the following dilemma.  We 
> modernizing several buildings of a 1951 school in the San Francisco area
> and the roof members are constructed with steel trusses.  I have 
> several manufactures about the truss properties, but I'm have no luck.
>  Therefore, if someone can direct me to a piece of literature or if 
> might have the properties associated with the followings truss
> designations, it would be greatly appreciated.
> The truss designations on the drawings are as follows:
> #248
> #116-216
> #166-219
> #165-235
> Jeff Williams, S.E.
> PARADIGM Structural Engineers