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Re: Seismic Risk

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Not sure if this will help answer your question but... the commentary to the NEHRP Provisions for New Buildings (FEMA 303) has a detailed description of the development of the ground motion maps in appendix A with further information in appendix B. It shows the various relationships used including Modified Mercalli criteria.

I'm no geoscientist but I managed to get a fair appreciation of the complex relationships used and their effect on overall design levels.

Barry H. Welliver

"Laurence B. Oeth" wrote:

I'm working on a subcommittee of the SEA Oregon reviewing some topics in the draft FEMA 356 - Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings.  The question arises as to how the level of risk was deamed appropriate for design purposes? We all know the ground motion parameters (10%/50yr  &etc.), but WHY were they chosen?  Is there an actuarial basis?  Cost benefit?  10 old guys around a table? Any thoughts or ideas out there? Larry OethPortland, OR