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Re: 1951 Steel Roof Trusses

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Jeff Williams wrote:

> Davis, the trusses are open web steel trusses/joists with double angle top
> and bottom chords.  The webs members are either angles or rods.  We were
> not able to visual see any of the trusses during our visit to the site due
> to existing "hard" ceilings.  This information was taken from the existing
> architectural and structural drawings.

On older buildings, it is imperative that you be able to see the joists that
are in place so that the manufacturer can be established. Previously I descibed
CECO joists. Armco joists had top and bottom chords that looked like a large
hat-sections, with round webs. Bethlehem joists had double-angle top and bottom
chords with round webs. Kalman (Bethlehem) joists look like expanded metal lath
on steriods.

> Any info. that you can provide would be great.
> What company is "CECO" ?

CECO Steel Products Corporation.  I believe they stopped manufacturing joists
in the early 70's along with Armco and Bethlehem.

> Thanks
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> Subject:        Re: 1951 Steel Roof Trusses
> If your trusses are open web steel joists, then I have an old CECO joist
> book
> which has load tables for a 248 and 166  joist designation. CECO short span
> joists had double angle top chords with rod bottom chords.  CECO long span
> joists had topand bottom chords
> that looked like Cees turned sideways.
> Can you provide a description of these trusses?
> Jeff Williams wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > This may have been asked before, but I have the following dilemma.  We
> are
> > modernizing several buildings of a 1951 school in the San Francisco area
> > and the roof members are constructed with steel trusses.  I have
> contacted
> > several manufactures about the truss properties, but I'm have no luck.
> >  Therefore, if someone can direct me to a piece of literature or if
> someone
> > might have the properties associated with the followings truss
> > designations, it would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > The truss designations on the drawings are as follows:
> > #248
> > #116-216
> > #166-219
> > #165-235
> >
> > Jeff Williams, S.E.
> > PARADIGM Structural Engineers
> >