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Re: 10% - 50 year motion

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In a message dated 1/18/2001 7:40:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, ROH(--nospam--at)

In the ATC3.06 project (forerunner to the current SEAOC Blue Book and
also the NEHRP Provisions) an attempt was made to determine the acceptable
of failure for new building design, by comparing risks associated with other
hazards, e.g. airplane crashes, fires, etc.

This is terrific info.  Is the historical data that shows the actuarial risks
associated with airplane crashes, fires, etc which we could lay out side by
side with earthquakes still available?  Many folks would be interested, and
it would help folks understand and assess their risks when evaluating seismic
retrofit cost paybacks and risks.  Thanks in advance.

Ron Fong
Fremont California