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Re: QUERY: How Would You Model This?

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Well, yes, but what I was forgetting is that you can do a CONCENTRATED AXIAL
MEMBER LOAD, too, which "zeroes out" the external force resultant, but induces
the internal forces you need. That was what I was having trouble getting.

Charles Espenlaub nailed it for me, and I expanded from there (since of course I
have one of my typical "non-regular" frames).

I just go along each beam element, calculating what the induced internal force
would be at the nodes, and putting a concentrated axial member load on each
side, with a distributed axial member load in between to handle the gradient.

Works GREAT!. Thanks for the tip, Charles!

"Brian K. Smith" wrote:
> I assume you are talking about VA.  Unless I miss-understand your question,
> can you not input a uniformly distributed load, set the DIRECTION to the
> member local axis as an axial load.