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Re: Multipurpose flooring

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The LDS church (Mormons) has alot of buildings with this type of floor.
For awhile, they were putting carpet on the wood floors.  But they had
too many guys blow out knees playing basketball.  Now they use a hardwood
floor with a thick veneer finish of some sort.  They put treated sleepers
down on the concrete, with the hardwood on top.  Every so often
they come in and strip down the floor and refinish it.  I'm not sure what
interval they do that though.  It seems to last fairly well.

Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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Subject: Multipurpose flooring

I'm working on a church where the multipurpose room doubles as both an
athletic space and as banquet room and seating for overflow capacity.

The floor is a cast in place structural slab.

The gymnasium people recommend a sport floor with some sort of cushion on it
so that as people run and jump there is some comfort to the ankles and
knees.  The supplier of this product  will not provide warranty though for
high heel damage and/or chairs and tables that would punch through.

A vinyl floor wood take care of the high heels and chair legs, but doesn't
work well for the athletes.

Any solutions or recommendations out there.  I trust this is not a new