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Re: Old steel section properties

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A 14x4 B (designated Light Beam in the 6th edition of the AISC Steel Manual) has the following properties:

Area = 5.05 in2
Ix =147.3 in4
Sx =21.0 in3
rx =5.4 in
d/Af = 12.9
Iy =2.65 in4
Sy =1.32 in3
ry =.72 in

Flange width:  4"
tf =  .272 in.
tw = .21  in.

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 09:55 AM 1/19/2001 -0600, Alden Manipula wrote:
Can anyone help me find information on section properties of a 14B17.2 ? 


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