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RE: Affordable Healthcare Coverage

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I read your comments as well as a the others who responded. I do agree with
you as this is the only affordable solution at this time - keep enough in a
savings to cover the higher deductible.
The comments on Medicaid, Medicare were also very correct. My mother-in-law
who has Alzheimer's, would never invest in a supplemental policy as she
could not conceive that she would live during a catastrophic ailment
(especially since she had congestive heart failure). Almost seven years ago
she had a pacemaker put in and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with
Alzheimer's. She is now in a residential care facility (no nursing) which
Medicare does not pay for. She has been in the facility (after living with
us for five years) for over a year and virtually all of her assets (other
than a small piece of farm land she owns) is gone. My wife has a job
interview with the facility where her mother is located in hopes they will
agree to barter the cost of her care for the remainder of her life. The
pacemaker has kept her alive and relatively healthy, but the Alzheimer's has
removed any quality of life and dignity that she might have had left.

We have not choice but to seek out and pay for whatever coverage we can get
so that we can protect whatever we have worked so hard to pass on to our

Dennis Wish

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I also have Blue Shield PPO, and have watched the rates increase
considerably. My only answer has been to increase the deductible to keep the
premiums in line.

Good Luck,

Larry Hauer
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Subject: Affordable Healthcare Coverage

> Last May I turned 50 and our healthcare cost for my wife and I (Blue
> jumped 20%. The price rose another 20% in at the end of the year and they
> announced another 20% increase by the end of February. This will almost
> double our healthcare costs from about $350.00 per month to over $610.00
> the end of February.
> We have looked at a couple of other plans including Blue Cross (which has
> slightly lower cost plan), Heath Net which our pharmacist warned us
> His father went to the emergency room with a heart attack and Healthnet
> would not approve an angioplasty until 12-hours after he was admitted. His
> father ended up losing over 30% of his heart because of the delays.
> We got a call from an agent regarding a plan from National Association for
> Self Employed which is a business plan that includes health, dental, legal
> and accounting services and low cost Airborne express.
> Does anyone over 50 who is not on an HMO (my wife and I have existing
> conditions and will not use an HMO) have any suggestions or
> Are any of you familiar with National Association for Self Employed and
> their healthcare plan?
> Does SEAOC, ASCE or any of the professional associations have a decent PPO
> (Preferred Physician Option) plan that I can find out about.
> Regards,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE