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Re: Affordable Healthcare Coverage

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I don't quite meet the over 50 criteria, but, ....have you thought about
Golden Rule and the MSA option?  The legislation authorizing MSA may have
"sunset" at the end of 2000, I haven't kept up with the latest.

Mark D. Anderson PE

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> For some reason, I have not received much e-mail in the last 24-hours. I
> received only 5 posts from the SEAINT List, 3 from the AEC-Residential and
> from the SE-Practice list. This is unusually low. Only one post was a
> response to this subject.
> If you replied to this subject, would you please send a copy of your
> response to me directly at admin(--nospam--at) so I can find out your
> opinions on the National Association of the Self-Employed health coverage?
> My wife called the Blue Shield Agent today and was told to expect a rate
> increase every six months. As I explained in my original post, our rate
> up last May as I turned 50-years old. The rate went up about 40%. In July,
> there was another 20% scheduled increase, another 20% increase in December
> and another expected in March. How does Blue Shield justify so many cost
> increases and how are others dealing with it?
> We already ruled out Health Net as an unacceptable plan from references
> are now considering having to stay with Blue Shield and try to lower our
> premiums by raising our deductible. We can move to Blue-Cross since we
> had no major illness in the last five years (although we do have existing
> conditions).
> I would be interested in hearing from other self-employed who are over 50
> and dealing with rising health coverage costs.
> Regards,
> Dennis S. Wish, PE
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