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RE: Bearing Strength at Bolt Holes

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Title: RE: Bearing Strength at Bolt Holes

>What is a good reference for Section J3.10-Bearing strength at Bolt Holes in
>LRFD Spec 12/1/93, particularly a reference that provides the origin and
>derivation of the equations in this section.

One of the best references for any bolting question is the Guide to Design Criteria for Bolted and Riveted Joints. I think of it as the Commentary to the Commentary on the RCSC Specification. For that matter, you might take a look at the RCSC Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts. That is the resource document AISC uses in the development of its bolting provisions. The 1994 RCSC LRFD Specification can be viewed at:

Scroll down to near the bottom of the page. The Commentary gives some details of the background.

There also is a paper titled "A Summary of Changes and Derivation of LRFD Bolt Design Provisions" by Carter, Tide and Yura in the 3rd Quarter 1997 AISC Engineering Journal. The background is given for changes in several bolting-related provisions, including bearing strength. It addresses to some extent the 1993 LRFD Provisions, but was intended more to explain the change to the clear-distance earing strength basis that is used in the 2000 RCSC Specification and 1999 AISC LRFD Specification. There are a couple of references and may be some other information there that will help you in any case.