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Re: Post Tensioned Steel Structure (1200' span)

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Mr. Martin,

	I have a photocopy (of late 1970's vintage) of an article from a
publication of British or perhaps South African origin discussing
prestressed steel bridges as being economically viable.  The spans that
were mentioned were less than 100 feet and the most profound technical
statement was that " .. for longer spans the steel cable tendons would
need to be stronger", therefore, it may not be too useful to you.  the
photocopy is smaller than the original, as a result the name of the
publication is not available.

	The designer's name was Dr. P. Krajcinovic

	If you're still interested in a copy give me your address and I will
send you a copy.  I could fax it but it would probably loose a good deal
"in the translation".

	I'm envious of your assignment.  I hope you will publish something on
the finished product.


				H. D. Richardson

Dave M. Martin wrote:
> I'm doing a study for a building 1200' x 2200' with no interior columns.  One thought to span the short direction was post tensioned steel trusses.  Does anyone have a source for reference material on the theory/design?
> Thanks