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Re: Affordable Healthcare Coverage

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The MSA is still in effect, it was extended at the last minute.  The policy
that you can get in a MSA is a standard medical policy.  The large
deductible reduces the premiums significantly.  The chance of large debt is
no different that any other policy.  In addition if your family goes a
number of years without significant medical expenses, you will have a
sizable amount of money that is not taxed and grows tax free, to use for
medical expenses.  Why not have your emergency savings account tax free?  It
sounds like your agent doesn't make enough money selling this plan, he knows
little about it.

P.S.  Socialism fails every time it is tried, no matter how much we might
dislike the current system.


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From: Structuralist
Date: Friday, January 19, 2001 8:38 PM
Subject: RE: Affordable Healthcare Coverage

+AD4-From what our agent mentioned, the MSA may no longer be in affect. The
+AD4-indicated that the MSA idea (which requires you to place money into a
+AD4-savings account where it must remain AND at the same time purchase a
+AD4-healthcare policy) was not very popular among those he proposed it to.
+AD4-Unless there is a wide acceptance of the plan, the individual may still end
+AD4-up going into heavy debt for a catastrophic ailment.
+AD4-I think one of the problems with healthcare in this country is that it is
+AD4-more of a business than a humanitarian ideology compared to, say, the
+AD4-government supported health plans in Canada. Possibly one our Canadian
+AD4-can address this more accurately, but a close friend of mine whose wife is
+AD4-Canadian returned to Canada just so she could have her last child. She
+AD4-firmly believed the quality of care was much better than in the US. Mothers
+AD4-weren't kicked out of hospitals before they were ready (generally 24 hours
+AD4-maximum in the US, unless it is a C-section in which case, my wife informs
+AD4-me that it is up to four days).
+AD4-So far, from the comments I received, the best choice is to increase the
+AD4-deductible and make sure it is covered in an interest bearing account - to
+AD4-keep the premium lower. Of the plans we looked at, Blue-Cross appears to be
+AD4-better at this time than Blue Shield. It offers the same services for a
+AD4-lower premium and a comparatively lower deductible.
+AD4-I have not heard of the Golden Rule plan? Tell me more if you can. What
+AD4-about others in different regions of the country. How many of you are on
+AD4-HMO's and how are they performing? Do you find that if there is an illness
+AD4-or existing condition that an HMO is still delivering for you in a timely
+AD4-fashion or are you willing to spend more for a private or preferred
+AD4-physician plan?
+AD4-Does NCSEA or ASCE have a group plan that we can take advantage of?
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+AD4-From: Mark D. Anderson PE
+AD4-Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 12:37 PM
+AD4-Subject: Re: Affordable Healthcare Coverage
+AD4-I don't quite meet the over 50 criteria, but, ....have you thought about
+AD4-Golden Rule and the MSA option?  The legislation authorizing MSA may have
+AD4AIg-sunset+ACI- at the end of 2000, I haven't kept up with the latest.
+AD4-Mark D. Anderson PE