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For the most part, it sounds similar to the requirements in the United
States. We don't differentiate a structure by height - as long as the
engineer was involved in the design of the building he or she is considered
the engineer of record and is in responsible charge of the project through
completion. The engineer is not responsible for the manner in which the
contractor performs his duties, but is responsible for insuring that the
structural design is followed to the letter of the design drawings. In fact,
past failures have proven in court that if the engineer was not aware of the
changes that were made, he (or she) is still responsible.
As I mentioned, this is true regardless of the size or type of structure as
long as it was designed by an engineer and/or an architect. We have
additional requirements for "Observation" which can be rather complex to

The requirements in your location do not seem unreasonable. You have the
opportunity to "distance" yourself from the contractor if he should go off
on his own. We have the option of shutting the job down if the contractor
deviates from the plans. The contractor can hire another engineer, but that
engineer must be willing to assume all responsibility for the project and
then there is the issue of protection of Intellectual property rights. In
other words, the original Engineer in responsible charge is not required to
sign over his project to another engineer and can require the new engineer
to start from scratch.

This gets into a very nasty area experience which I would assume most
professionals would try and avoid at all costs. However, there are times
that this occurs.

Hope this helps,
Dennis S. Wish, PE

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I want to know the practice in US, concerning supervision responsibility of
the EOR.  Our city has ruled that in case of structures 4 story or higher,
the signing structural engineer (and the architect) bear the full
responsibility for the project.  Meaning we
must notify the city, if there are any deviations from our design.  If some
part of the structure gets built without our supervision, we must
immediately notify the building department and dissociate ourselves in
writing.  It is allowed to send an inspecting
engineer from your office, but the ultimatele responsibility remains yours.
    How does it work in US cities? and other countries represented on the