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For the best text on the subject I would highly recommend "Design of
Structures and Foundations for Vibrating Machines" by Arya, O'Neill, and
Pincus.  Computer programs such as RISA and STAADIII will not help since
they do not do study state harmonics which is much different than seismic
dynamic analysis.  SAP2000 and other programs can perform either the study
state vibration analysis or you can do several time history analysis.
Since you are in a building make sure your machine foundation is isolated
from the building floor slab/foundations and not tied into any buiding

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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Mr. Richardson and Desi Kiss

Thanks for valuable comments and advice from both of you.  The project is
not yet underway and I have very few details available to go by.  I am
beginning to collect information which will guide me thru the design phase.
Depending on the complexity, we may farm it out to a specialist as
suggested.  As a primer, I found Chapter 1 with design examples in "Soil
Dynamics, Deep Stabilization, and Special Geotechnical Construction  -
Design Manual,  NAVFAC DM-7.3" interesting and straightforward.

Regarding the softwares suggested, I do not have access to SAP2000 or
  We have STAADIII, which may might do the job.  One of the first things I
have to do is to get dynamic properties from a geotechnical company and
establish design criteria from the equipment manufacturer and customer.

Again, thanks for your help.

Victor Lee