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Standard Form of Agreement

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Sorry that this isn't exactly structural.  We are fairly new at this business  - our company is only about 7 years old and before I came, we didn't have a registered Engineer (now we have a total of one).  Most of our work before I came was steel detailing but we are now moving in the direction of doing design work.  We are in the process of renewing our liability insurance and at this time I am reminded that one of my goals for the past year was to do something about making sure that we use contracts to help protect ourselves.  I know that we need to say things about not being responsible for job safety, means, methods....etc.  Up until now, we have described our scope of work in proposal letters but I know that these don't resemble a Standard Form of Agreement Between Engineer and Owner.  I was wondering what the general practice is out there.  Maybe this is a question for a lawyer, but rather than attaching many pages of contr! act language to our proposal to do a little mezzanine design job, is it acceptable to incorporate such a standard agreement form by reference to it?  (I'm thinking that I don't want to scare away potential clients.)  Have any of you found a simple way of doing this?  As always - thanks for your help.


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