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RE: Standard Form of Agreement

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This is something you probably want to discuss with your insurance company.  Some insurers have a specific format or type of language that they want to see used, or specific things that they do not want to see used.  Doing something that they forbid or not doing something they require can void your policy, or at least void coverage of the things covered by the problematic language. 
Paul Crocker
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Subject: Standard Form of Agreement

Sorry that this isn't exactly structural.  We are fairly new at this business  - our company is only about 7 years old and before I came, we didn't have a registered Engineer (now we have a total of one).  Most of our work before I came was steel detailing but we are now moving in the direction of doing design work.  We are in the process of renewing our liability insurance and at this time I am reminded that one of my goals for the past year was to do something about making sure that we use contracts to help protect ourselves.  I know that we need to say things about not being responsible for job safety, means, methods....etc.  Up until now, we have described our scope of work in proposal letters but I know that these don't resemble a Standard Form of Agreement Between Engineer and Owner.  I was wondering what the general practice is out there.  Maybe this is a question for a lawyer, but rather than attaching many pages of contract language to our proposal to do a little mezzanine design job, is it acceptable to incorporate such a standard agreement form by reference to it?  (I'm thinking that I don't want to scare away potential clients.)  Have any of you found a simple way of doing this?  As always - thanks for your help.


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