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Structural Slab on Grade

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I am designing a concrete slab for a large exposed area, 270' x 630'. Due to
the poor soil conditions, the slab will be designed as a structural slab on
grade supported by piling and pile caps. The slab will be designed for live
loads up to 350 psf. The question is what to do about crack control. If this
was truly a slab on grade we would provide saw cut joints, but don't really
want that in a structural slab. If it was an elevated slab the relatively
small stiffness of the columns would provide limited restraint to resist the
shrinkage forces. Post-tensioning and shrinkage compensating cement seem to
be costly solutions. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of
thing? Can the slab be reinforced to hold the cracks tight? How much
reinforcing would be required?