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Re: Standard Form of Agreement

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Unless CASE has changed since I last ordered a (relatively expensive) copy of their model forms, they do NOT have a standard form fo an Architect-Engineer agreement, deferring instead to the AIA standard (Nels might know if this has changed).  They do have an Engineer-Architect from (for use when the Engineer is the primary design consultant), and a short form (letter agreement) for Owner-Engineer, and are good references, but none are "short and sweet" and the set is not cheap.
As far as your original post goes, it is probably a bad idea to try and get away with simply referencing one of the standard forms (CASE, AIA or other) from a letter agreement.  All of the standard contract forms I have seen require considerable customization to reflect project and agreement specific information.  Most contain options and I don't think you'll serve your purpose if you leave filling in the blanks and choosing between options until there is actually some kind of dispute.  The bottom line is that this is not how the authors of these forms intended them to be used.
Drew A. Norman, S.E.
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