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Just a word to those who are subscribed to the Subject email lists:

It has taken me from Thursday evening until this morning to track it down, but I
have finally found the problem as to why suddenly my email and list server at
POLHEMUS.CC has been on the fritz.

It turns out that, as I suspected, the problem was not the fault of my trusty
Linux system here, but rather with the "Public DNS" server that I was using at

I had registered to use this FREE service almost a year ago, and till now with
some exceptions it had been working pretty well.

However, last week I noticed that I was not myself receiving any mail on these
lists, and then when I tried to connect to my server to download my own mail,
the box was always empty. Later, I found that "ping" requests from my other
computers could NOT located "" anywhere; it appeared to have ceased
to exist.

By chance, I happened to find a Usenet discussion list about DNS service, and
found some recent threads there that reported that their DNS hardware at
GRANITECANYON.COM had cratered. Apparently, the thing is run by college students
who see to maintenance as they have time, and they had not noticed there server
was down. As of this morning, it is STILL down!

So this afternoon, I switched my DNS zone records over to a commercial service
that caters to small business, and is highly reliable, though I now will have to
pay a modest fee. As it takes typically 24-48 hours for new DNS records to
propagate through the net, it will still be as long as two days before the lists
served by my machine will be back up and running.

I apologize for any inconvenience, though I have to say that it was an
interesting problem to track down and solve, for someone like me who doesn't do
this stuff for a living.

Thanks for your patience.