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RE: EOR (Hyatt)

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>I always thought it was that the load path of the hanger rods was offset
>at the channel by the fabricator to facilitate erection
My impression too, based on results of NBS testing. The lower skyway was 
supported off the channels making up the upper skyway. Both should have 
been supported off the rod as shown by the original design drawing. The 
detail was apparently changed because no one at the site could figure out 
how to fab the walkway as designed. In hindsight, it does seem like the 
rods could have been threaded into sleeves welded into the deck support 
channels, then the rods welded to the sleeves after the deck was in place.

Another interesting story I heard (can't remember where now.) was that 
during construction, laborers complained that the walkway felt too soft 
when they moved materials over the walkway. They were told to walk 
someplace else if they didn't like it. I've taken that as a warning to 
keep close to the people doing the work in order to keep up to speed on 
the way things are going.

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