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RE: Steel BQ on ACAD

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I am assuming that what you wish to do is a "take-off" or compilation of materials by size and length of steel reinforcement used in the plan. The only way I know that this can be done is with some planning up front.
Once the rebar is drawn, a second step might be required to assign attributes to the lines that represent the reinforcing steel. These attributes can be the size and stress rating of the rebar (as well as any specific information you need to include). The accumulated length of the lines at scale can be accomplished by routines in either Lisp or VBA that can be used to isolate all of the objects on the Reinforcing steel layer. I am not sure if the distance or area commands will give the length of a line or if at least three points are needed for an area. As an alternative, you can use the blocks and attributes that was distributed to the SEAINT list by mistake the other day to apply a block and attribute to the start and finish of each line representing a length of rebar (although this will not calculate where angles are involved - such as changes in directions).
Once the attributes are in place, the coordinates can be extracted by the ATTEDIT command and transferred to a spreadsheet that will simply subtract the starting point from the end point and provide you with the length of the bar.
As I mentioned, these are issues that need to be set up before drawings are completed and are best entered by the draftsperson or designer with attributes that assign a length and bar number to each section entered for take-off later.
On a side note, there are a number of detailing programs available for Autocad. I am not sure with the detail module in Architectural Desktop II has a feature to calculate the materials take-offs, but there are other programs that will do this as add-in's to Autocad. I suggest you check the Concrete or Reinforcing Steel journals for advertisements of software that can do this for you.
I'm sure others out there have had similar concerns and have solved them in creative ways. Possible they will respond to your inquiry.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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Subject: Steel BQ on ACAD

I'm dealing with ACAD question. I have to do steel bars qty. estimate which is already designed and drawn by the drafter. I wish to do this faster by employing an third-party or somekind of modules.
I appreciate if SEAINT can show me the practical way.
Any way if there was an concrete Qty estimate on ACAD, please also reply me.
Thank you for your attention and support.