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RE: (Fwd) Footing tool

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The development length is measured from the face of the column or wall above
the footing to the edge of the footing minus three inches for concrete
cover.  You do not appear to have enough length.

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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As the IESUG is down, I have forwarded this message to see what
responses I will get.....

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Help...what am I doing wrong? I was using the tool to check a 30 x
30 x12 footing. Each time, the program told me that the
dimensions were to small due to development length required for #4

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, because for 4000psi
concrete, 60000psi uncoated steel, the development length should
come out at around 19 in.  The bars in my footing are longer than

This is the first time I used the tool, but the input is pretty straight

Peter McCormack
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