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RE: QUERY: What Are The Practical Benefits of Joining An "S.E.A.xx."?

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You will serve a greater purpose by maintaining your participation in the
Internet professional community. You should participate in SEA committees
only if this is your interest and inclination. There is no question to those
of us who know you as to your abilities or your professional ethics. In time
this will become a networking tool that will help establish your practice -
something that I don't believe a membership in any organization can insure.
Your business will grow best by networking within your community where you
work. If you wish to volunteer time, and you live in a small town such as
mine, you can extend your services non-gratis, within the community or
within a city position such as the planning commission, working with
students in Habitat type programs etc.


I disagree with this statement. While Internet is a great tool to enhance networking, it is NOT a substitute to physical meetings, the handshakes, social talk etc. We need to get out more and shake more hands.