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Re: (Fwd) Footing tool

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I don't know what "tool" you are using, but I doubt that it is warning you
about the horizontal bars in the footing.  In EnerCalc, I get a similar
message if the vertical bars in a column (with a moment or uplift load) are
not embedded far enough into the footing to be developed in tension.  Try
thickening the slab and see if the message doesn't go away.  If so, I'd be
pretty sure that is what it is warning you about.  Then decide on your own,
if the vertical bars need to be developed and how best to do that (i.e.
standard 90 degree bend, thickening slab around column etc).

Hope that helps,

Monty Hart
Associated Design Consultants, Inc
Anchorage Alaska

Peter McCormack wrote:

> Help...what am I doing wrong? I was using the tool to check a 30 x
> 30 x12 footing. Each time, the program told me that the
> dimensions were to small due to development length required for #4
> bars.
> Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, because for 4000psi
> concrete, 60000psi uncoated steel, the development length should
> come out at around 19 in.  The bars in my footing are longer than
> this.
> This is the first time I used the tool, but the input is pretty straight
> forward.
> Peter McCormack