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RE: flex. diaph shear distrib. excel spread sht. formulas

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Attention: Change to the location of Dave Merrick's Flexible Diaphragm Shear
distribution Spreadsheet

I have moved David Merricks file to the Productivity Forum and into the
spreadsheet tools. The reason is that the spreadsheet forum where Dave chose
to place the files is a discussion and tutorial forum. The Productivity
tools forum is for downloads of software tools created by professionals.
I have placed a link to the files on the Professional Webpage which is
located at I will be
uploading some additional productivity tools for Mathcad and Spreadsheets
over the next week or two. If you have any tools you have created and would
like to share them (always "as-is") with other professionals, please feel
free to upload them to the Productivity forum. You will need to register on
the site, but this is only necessary to prevent unwanted solicitations and
improper use of the forum. Please write me at admin(--nospam--at) to
discuss your upload and I will help you in any way you need to create a
brief description or to add a graphic of the tool in use or anything you
believe may help others get the most from it.

Thank you for supporting the forum and the

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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From: David Merrick [mailto:merrickgroup(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 8:53 AM
To: seaoc iweb posting
Subject: flex. diaph shear distrib. excel spread sht. formulas

I have attempted to post an example excel spreadsheet to distribute shear
forces with a flexible diaphragm. The equations are modular and can be
duplicated to any number of reference lines. The reference lines can be
located at shear walls and elsewhere. It also handles cantilevers. I am
proposing further work that handles two-dimensional layout of modules to
represent rigid diaphragms.

Calculations on Drawing Sheets
What are the pros and cons of listing a large calculation matrix on a
drawing sheet for permit submittal? This would allow rectangular elements
of a floor to have all definitions at one reference.

I have also posted it at Thank you Dennis Wish for
the alternate web-site.

David Merrick, SE

Anyone wishing to submit software must obey the following rules, WITHOUT

1 - It must be self-contained software (EXE file) or an Excel spreadsheet
a Mathcad document.

2 - It must not be crippled in any way or contain advertising for upgrades
or other products.

3 - It must be freeware, not shareware or other commercial product.

4 - It must be submitted as an executable ZIP file prepared with Winzip
Extractor. Regular executables, XLS files or MCD files will
simply be deleted! I do not have time to prepare files for posting.

5 - I will not respond to e-mails asking questions about how to do this. If
you are smart enough to write software, you should be able to figure all
this out by yourself.

6 - Send your submittal with a 60 word or less description. It will be
posted without editing so if you don't want to appear illiterate, check
grammar and spelling!

7 - Send the e-mail to MarkD(--nospam--at) The SUBJECT line MUST begin with
the words SEAOC POSTING. If not, the e-mail will be deleted and you will
be notified.

8 - Include an e-mail address. You must be willing to answer questions
your product so I suggest that you include enough information to explain
variables and an example problem.