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Re: Wood shear wall values still reduced to 0.75 of UBC table values?

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I'd suggest checking with the local municipality.  LA City and Ventura County use a flat reduction by percentage, but the City of Glendale, has created their own set of values.  I've found that if a local municipality has changed things, they will gladly fax you the appropriate section so you can design to their requirements rather than dealing with them as a correction.


Mattesons wrote:

 The city of L.A.'s post-Northridge emergency code provisions included a reduction of design values for wood panel shear walls to 0.75 of the values listed in the UBC.   Just after that, I moved out of Zone 4.  Word was that the '97 UBC was going to incorporate such a reduction into the tables, but my Code and the addenda that I have received do not show this...   Now work from Zone 4 is coming to me, and I want to make sure that I'm not missing this somewhere.  (Actually, I incorporated the reduction into my shear wall schedule, and wonder if I'm being WAY CONSERVATIVE--like all the contractors say--and could go back to the full UBC values.) Do you Zone 4 residents use the full values from UBC table 23-II-I-1?  Seems plausible, considering V went from 0.14W to 0.22W using the "simplified static" method.... Thanks, Thor