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RE: existing soft story

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Mark & Dennis,
I was just authoring a similar response as I worked on some of those
retrofits.  I also recall in the City of Santa Monica that these buildings
were identified and the owners were notified promptly after the Northridge
Opinion: If an ordinance was issued and your client was the owner of the
building at the time, he should have been notified.  If an ordinance was
issued and your client was not the owner, the seller (previous owner) should
have been notified and should have disclosed this at the time of the sale.
I moved from Santa Monica in 1997. 

Sharon Robertson Bonds, PE
Salerno/Livingston Architects
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San Diego, California  92101
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	Although I am a long distance from Los Angeles, it is my
recollection that the only city to have an ordinance in place for the
mitigation of softstory structures was Santa Monica. While Los Angeles
recognized the frequency of these structures, I don't believe that they have
had a mandatory retrofit requirement in place - at least not through 1997
that I can remember.
	Dennis S. Wish, PE
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	Subject: existing soft story
	Does anyone know the COLA's current policy with regard to existing
open-soft story construction. Particularily, cantilevered columns at carport
area supporting upper levels of apartment buildings.
	I have a client who owns such a building and he is asking if the
COLA has mandated a retrofit for this type of structure.
	I do have the 1994 Northridge Earthquake Joint Task Force document
on Wood Frame Construction which deals with this issue.