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RE: Mezzanines

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This is a tough one, since you don't have the potential design in hand. I
have designed mezzanines in which (by the pre-97 UBC) I added the dead load
of the mezzanine into the roof so as to anticipate the worst case design
conditions for the exterior wall lateral loads. Of course, these mezzanines
when wall to wall and were not cantilevered at the interiors so as to
created separate movement or potential collisions with other walls.
I made the assumption that the mass rose to the roof and this is why I added
the dead load to the roof. At least the exterior walls would be prepared for
any additional work needed so as to prevent further foundation work when the
time comes.
Presently, the problem is that the location of the mezzanines will change
the distribution of shear in the rotational analysis. This is a problem with
the new code as it does not leave much flexibility for design changes or
future modifications.
If the simplified methods (which boost the base shear to somewhere around
22% of the weight of the structure) is an acceptable method, then this may
be the most straight forward to use in the design of this building to allow
for future expansion.

Hope this helps.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

PS. I am starting a discussion on the Professional forum of the
Structuralist.Net on topics such as this. The difference between this List
and the discussion forum is that the discussions will stay on the server to
be added to over time and, hopefully, evolve into a workable solution that
the professional community can use. Feel free to stop by and contribute your
opinions on the subject.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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Hi everybody,
I have a residential project, which client wants me to
provide some provisions for future lofts and
mezzanines with arbitrary shapes and locations. There
isn't any architectural plans or details, because
future tenants will build them. My question is what
should I put on my report (beside considering extra
loads), to satisfy client needs and also building
safety in future? I appreciate any comments or idea.
Thanks in advance,

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