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RE: Merrick's Spreadsheet Download

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If you can provide me with step by step simple directions for the macro's
use, I will add it to the Macro and put it all together on the VBA tools in
the Productivity tools forum of the Structuralist.
My problem is that I have not worked in VBA and don't understand even the
basic steps of what is required to launch a macro and how to link the macro
to the Autocad drawing. I'm sure I am not alone on this one, so if you don't
mind and can put together the instructions, I'll post them.

FWIW, the problem I was referring to in the subject of this e-mail was not
David's macro but his Spreadsheet that was posted to the Structuralist
Discussion forum. I received errors trying to download the ZIP file that
Dave uploaded. The file was intact on the server, but for some odd reason it
would not download.

I recreated the message and then uploaded the same spreadsheet again from my
computer and verified that it could be downloaded.

These are two separate issues - one for the Macro that Dave sent to the
SEAINT List and the second for the Spreadsheet he uploaded to the
Spreadsheet forum on the Structuralist.Net.


PS. I put a link to Dave's spreadsheet on the Professional Webpage at

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David Merrick's Macro "ExtractAcadLineCoords" works!  Simply cut and paste
it into your VBA.  Some of the wrapped line (code exceed one line) needs to
be in the same line but the VBA debugger will lead you through these minor

Operate the macro from the MS Excel's VBA not the ACAD's VBA.  Lines to be
extracted have to be "selected" in AutoCAD first.

Thanks David and Dennis.

Sam Chang

At 04:32 PM 1/25/01 -0800, you wrote:
>There appears to have been a problem downloading the file that Dave posted
>on the Structuralist.Net a couple of days ago. I discovered the problem
>I tried to retrieve the file. I have re-posted the message and verified the
>file for download. I have also added a few notes and a link to the
>Spreadsheet Users forum if you wish to discuss the methods that Dave used
>distribute shear AND a direct link to Dave Merrick if you wish to send him
>I apologize for any frustration this might have caused. You can access the
>file from
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