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RE: Flagpoles

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I have an old publication.  And at first glance tables only go up to 300',
however they may have other, more current publications that may help.

Guide Specifications for Design Loads of Metal Flagpoles
NAAMM Standard FP-1-86, 2nd Edition.

NAAMM - The National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers

This publication came from Baartol Company, Inc. 419-673-0758, 800-537-4143.
This material is from the 80's.  So if you cannot find NAAMM or Baartol I
suggest contacting any Flagpole Manufacturer.

Hope this helps some.

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Are there any publications available on the design of tall flagpoles?  I had
a company contact me that is the project manager for the construction of a
400 foot flag pole in the middle east.  They are interested in applicable

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