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Pressure grouting

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Be real careful with pressure grouting as a foundation support.  If the soils are not sandy, but are clayey or there are slopes nearby, I have clients sign a letter that I prepare that says that I do not recommend pressure grouting and if anything bad happens if they do, they will defend me in court.
Pressure grouting is a indirect method of treating soils, if it is just a consolidation problem maybe it could be OK if it is sandy soil without nearby slopes.  Remember once you pump the grout in, you have no control where it goes.
I have a few really bad horror stories, but in the flat lands with sandy soils, I have seen it work OK.

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Structural Engineering SOLutions
Newport Beach, California
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Subject: Pressure grouting

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I am looking for sources of information to educate myself regarding soil =
pressure grouting.

Any info is appreciated.

Thank you

Paul Feather