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RE: Merrick's Spreadsheet Download

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How about posting your revision as a reply to David's Spreadsheet contribution on the Structuralist.Net so that others can see what you have done. The link is on the Professional Webpage. Make sure you are in the message for David's spreadsheet and click on the Reply button. Leave your instructions or description of what you have done and then post the message - clicking on the last choice indicating that you have a file to upload. Before the message is posted, you will see a browse button. Click here and follow the directory to where you have stored the file on your hard drive. The program will upload it to our Verizon Web host server where others will be able to download and evaluate it.
For others who are learning from these contributions, if you do something to improve them or to simply wish to explain what you have learned to help others who wish to learn as well, please continue the thread with your contribution.

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Subject: Merrick's Spreadsheet Download

I have worked with this spreadsheet and made a couple simple revisions to fit my taste.  Since I received most of my projects on ACAD14 or higher, I have a simple VBA routine that lives in ACAD that prompts for different coordinate data and the user just uses ACAD to point to it and the VBA routine writes it to an ASCII file in the same format the spreadsheet wants it.
If you want to get fancier, you could have the ACAD VBA routine prompt for the name of the EXCEL file and write the data directly into the spreadsheet.  Not vary hard it took about an hour of looking through the EXCEL VBA and ACAD VBA help material.  And with the SNAP on the coordinate input goes very fast.

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
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Subject: Re: Merrick's Spreadsheet Download

David Merrick's Macro "ExtractAcadLineCoords" works!  Simply cut and paste
it into your VBA.  Some of the wrapped line (code exceed one line) needs to
be in the same line but the VBA debugger will lead you through these minor

Operate the macro from the MS Excel's VBA not the ACAD's VBA.  Lines to be
extracted have to be "selected" in AutoCAD first.

Thanks David and Dennis.

Sam Chang