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Earth Quake in Pakistan: More than 30 die

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This is frightening.
    My wife woke me up on the morning of 26th saying "You are snoring so
hard, the bed is shaking" I woke up and noticed the windows. Then I
grabbed her and went out.  She had never been in an earth quake before
and was quite shaken.
    Fortunately, all we felt in Karachi (zone 2) was window rattling and
ceiling fans vibrating.  Some panes broke and an odd wall cracked.
However, 34 people died in other parts of the country, due to structural
collapses.  Most of the damage occurred due to small masonry walls
collapsing across a large area designated mostly as zone zero or one.
(UBC 97 equivalent)
    I recently designed a hospital in MirPur Khas (Zone 0) and as per
local practice it had RCC roof over unreinforced brick masonry (luckily
it survived).  No tremors had been recorded in this general area in the
last 150 years. Historical records show a major earth quake c1815 which
changed the path of the mighty Indus and another big one in the 11th
century, which obliterated a major town.
    Observations from India and suggestions from all professionals on
how to approach structural design in this area will be very valuable to
us all.