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Re: EOR(Kansas City Hyatt Walkway Failure)

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>listened to the
>experiences of Jack Gillum who was the EOR of the Hyatt-Regency in Kansas
>City. The walkway that collapsed did so through a comedy of errors and
>oversights. He was depending upon a fabricator to design a connection. It
>didn't happen.
The sequence leaves off a pivotal event--the design change from 
independent support of both walkways to supporting one walkway from 
another. When the connection was redesigned, it's really hard to imagine 
that the second design took place with absolutely no one minding the 

Seems like there were 3 points at which the weakness should have been 
picked up:
1. When the connection was originally designed 
2. The time of the partial roof collapse when other structural 
calculations were checked
3. When the connection was redesigned from a single rod to the two rod 
connection that eventually let go. 

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