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Re: EOR(Kansas City Hyatt Walkway Failure)

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> The problem was the judge had certain expectations regarding Mr. Gillums
> responsibilitie's and he came to the conclusion that Mr. Gillum did not do
> a very good job in fulfilling his responsibilities.
you and him/her were right, to the extent he/she can be contolling
everything..which he/she can't, expecially in a large project.....

> While the EOR can go on record as objecting there is often little he can
> once the drawings leave his office.

sorry, but you're contradicting yourself, at least i feel so.....

> I believe that part of the tendency to see ".... the EOR as the ultimate
> source of responsibility for the entire structure."

yes, he/she should be, given enough "weapons" to enforce that.... how many
times have you gone there and said "this is not good" and being
answered.."ok, it's not...then go and talk to the boss" (just to talk

> There is a need  to bring the engineers percieved responsibility in line
> with the authority and control he acutally has.

true..i agree wholearthly

 > What is a  reasonable level of responsibility for the EOR?

every and each he/she is paid for..

> The EOR's authority and control should be consistent with his perceived
> level of responsibility.

yepper, maybe...