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Advertisement: AISC's North American Steel Construction Conferenc e

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Title: Advertisement: AISC's North American Steel Construction Conference

I'm posting this message to inform you about the upcoming AISC North American Steel Construction Conference, which will take place May 9-12 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Please visit this link to learn more details:
Also, I've included an excerpt from the description oof the NASCC on the AISC web site.
The AISC NASCC is a once-a-year opportunity for successful professionals to learn the latest design and construction trends and techniques that directly impact their business and work practices. This year, it will take place May 9-12 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Do you want to hear from industry experts, including John Ruddy (on fire engineering), Aine Brazil (on staggered truss framing), Bob Shaw (on weld quality requirements), Larry Griffis (on the AISC Code of Standard Practice), Rick Avent (on heat straightening), and Ian Chin (on erection failure)? The NASCC features dozens of sessions aimed at practicing engineers, fabricators, erectors and detailers.
Do you want to know about the latest product innovations? From a wide range of software (engineering, detailing and fabrication!) to equipment to coatings, the NASCC is the ideal place to view the tools that you use everyday and to learn more about them. This year 's exhibit hall expects to offer more than 200 booths!
Do you want new networking opportunities? The NASCC is your opportunity to meet nearly 3000 of your peers - in one location at the same time!