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RE: Enough of the viruses

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With all due respect, you are blaming the wrong party for the insidious work of others outside the engineering community. In this case, the engineering community is a victim of the virus and not the instigator.
While we might be more considerate of sending messages when there is a known infection in our system, many do not have the knowledge or the skills to understand this problem and are simply employees of large companies who have in-house technicians responsible for cleaning the system.
Giving the sender of this virus the benefit of the doubt, he too was a victim and I believe unknowingly sent the virus to the List.
You are doing neither yourself or the professional community with whom you communicate a service be leaving the list. You can, however, protect yourself from viruses sent to this list by simply subscribing in digest format. Rather than receive the original infected message, you receive a compiled message minus all attachments in digest form. This will give you the information you desire from the list without the threat of a virus.
Still, you appear to have sufficient contact with the Internet through your web addresses that you will be at risk from other sources of infection. The best thing you can do is to upgrade your equipment so as to meet a minimum standard for virus protection or refrain from downloading files or messages in anything other than text (ASCII) format. You should be able to change the settings on your browser or email program to receive in ASCII format only.
This particular virus affect Microsoft Outlook Express and IE5.0 and later browsers. By upgrading your security from Microsoft as part of their Upgrade Notification program, you can also receive the latest security releases to protect your files and your machine.
I think you need to spend a little time educating yourself on the tools that you use rather than blaming the engineering community or this listservice.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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Subject: Enough of the viruses

I am afraid I can not stay anymore in this list. I have been infected from viruses many times and I am encountering many problems.  My PC is very old to support the programs needed for better virus support and the other applications that I do need for my work. I am very sorry that we face such problems among engineers.
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