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RE: Virus Question

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In this case, the answer is yes. Refer to the articles on the virus posted
by others on the list. The virus includes a JavaScript file which is
embedded into the HTML coding of the message and is interpreted by both
reading the message (in HTML format) and by the auto preview feature of
Internet Outlook Express, Outlook and Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.
Inasmuch as the browser automatically decodes JavaScript as well as HTML
when viewing the message, the worm becomes launched when you preview or read
the message. If you do not have the preview mode on and erase the message
you will not be affected.
If you have a virus protection or the latest Microsoft Security upgrade, it
will strip out what it reports (at least on my machine) as an ActiveX
attachment. You can also set your security level in Outlook to not open
ActiveX encoded messages and you should receive a warning message that the
message was not included in its entirety with the ActiveX embedment. Then
you will receive only the text portion of the message.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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For this recent virus, do I correctly understand from the discussion that by
merely opening up the email (not its attachments) that the virus is
contracted ? If so, this is new to me. Thanks.