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RE: Plywood & Mtl. Studs

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The last time I worked with this type of shear walls (3+ years ago), it was
the screw manufacturer that had to get the ICBO / LARR approval.  You may
want to start there.  Some references I have are: 
ICBO # ER-5272 for Muro North America (905) 451-7667, fax (905) 451-7936,
Ontario, Canada and 
ICBO # ER-5053 for Quik Drive USA fax (615) 451-9806, Gallatin, Tennessee
Good Luck

Sharon Robertson Bonds, PE
Salerno/Livingston Architects
363 Fifth Avenue, Third Floor
San Diego, California  92101
(619) 234-7471

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	I am sure there are "approved" values for plywood shear panels
screwed onto 
	metal studs.  Can anyone refer me to those values (incl. L.A. City).

	Thank you 
	Anotnio S. "Tony" Luisoni 
	Consulting SE 
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